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Lead by the belief in a full-body approach, PT Eddy provides a wide variety of exercise programmes to its clients. Fitness enthusiasts and those who just work out occasionally can choose from personalised one-on-one sessions or group classes at the location of their choice. The clinic also offers sports massages and physical therapy as well as nutritional advice. 

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Nutritional Therapy   

January 15, 2019

Nutritional therapy looks at the whole person, including diet, health and lifestyle, plus tests where appropriate, to identify and address nutrient imbalances and underlying causes of health problems.

What is involved?

Sessions occur upon confidential consultations where we discuss many aspects of your well-being, including specific health issues, digestion, eating habits, energy levels, exercise and work patterns. An individual plan, tailored to suit you, is then put together and may include changes to your existing diet and nutritional programme.

Personal Training

February 14, 2019

Personal training at home, the office or the park provide options for those who are uncomfortable training in a public environment or those who have limited time to go to the gym.

Our highly qualified instructors track your progress through regular one-to-one Results Check-Ins every 2 to 6 weeks and review your vital body stats, along with your lifestyle and fitness goals to keep you on track. We offer a wide variety of training sessions to ensure that getting the results you want is interesting and enjoyable. From relaxing, yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning, weight loss and toning programmes, there is something for everyone who wants to live a healthier life.

Aqua Massage

March 15, 2019

Lie back and enjoy a relaxing full body massage on floating warm water massage bed. The warm water relaxes the muscles and supports the body giving it a sensation of floating, soothing and relaxing massage experience.

The benefit includes: 

  • stress relief and relaxation
  • stimulates endorphins and promote better sleep
  • enhances blood circulation and relieves aches and pains

Sports Massage

March 15, 2019

Sports Massage uses a variety of hands-on, proven treatment techniques-often more profound than conventional massage techniques - to speed recovery and help prevent injury. The massage therapist generally concentrates on specific problem areas such as neck, shoulders, ankle, knees, etc rather than full body massage.

As we all know, a crucial part of staying healthy is physical exercise. Ensuring you are exercising safely is vital if you are a keen fitness enthusiast. That being said even the most careful of us can sometimes succumb to injury. Our experienced therapist will soothe away tension and rehabilitate overexerted bodies to bring you back to peak condition.

On-Site Chair Massage 

March 15, 2019

On-Site Chair Massage involves the application of massage techniques while the client is laying on an On-Site Massage chair, usually between 10 - 20 minutes. It benefits in relaxing the mind and the body and is instrumental in relieving stress and mental fatigue.

Ideal for those short on time, with a quick and clean application through clothing using acupressure and specialised massage techniques to help loosen tense muscles and joints.

It is popular in offices as a general welfare incentive or as a treat for employees. The restoring experience includes head and neck massage, invigorating you for the rest of the working day. It is also ideal for pre and post events as well as charity functions.

Physical Therapy

March 15, 2019

Neuromuscular physical therapy uses medically proven treatment techniques to locate and release muscle spasms and hypercontraction, eliminate trigger points that cause referred pain, promote instant healing and recovery of damaged muscle tissues. Patients who suffer from acute to chronic pain resulting from occupational, sports and accidental injuries can benefit from neuromuscular physical therapy.

Treatment involves:

  • taping and strapping
  • soft tissue manipulation
  • dry needling/medical acupuncture
  • functional training and strength & conditioning exercises

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